How do I insert a separator between items in the Office 2010 ribbon?
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I have finally been forced to switch from Office 2003 to Office 2010, and I am attempting to come to terms with the Ribbon interface. In the built-in Ribbon tabs, items are separated by short vertical "separator" lines, but there does not appear to be a way to insert these separators into custom tabs.

Compare the built-in Font tab with a copy that contains exactly the same items and you can see the difference:

Does anyone know how to insert these separators? They appear to be very easy to add to the Quick Access Toolbar but not to the ribbon. I am not above mucking about with the XML files that Office 2010 uses to store Ribbon customisations, but my first attempts at this have failed.
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I think you have to use the Custom UI Editor, though I'm not very familiar with it. I suspect you may find the answer in the comprehensive list of links in the top answer here.
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Not a an answer to changing the ribbon, but one way I blunted the learning curve of dealing with the 2003>>2010 migration many moons ago was with Show Classic Menus from Addin-Tools. Even after a few years, there are certain key combinations from Office 2k3 that I still prefer to use and this add-in allows for both menu sets to display. (The key cmds work in 2010, but you have to do them somewhat blindly.)

To this day, I still don't like the ribbon overall and prefer the simple segmentation and cascading of menus. I use AITSCM in all my Office apps in a hybrid manner. In effect, I get double the number of routes to apply whatever feature I need. Sometimes menus work better, sometimes the ribbon.

Anywhere from $15 to $75 depending on what options you choose and there are bundle discounts. Not sure about a trial version, but there is a 60 day MBG and I have found them to be very responsive to support tickets.
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You might find this old AskMe helpful.
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