How do I sell My Car between Canadian Provinces?
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How do I sell a car between provinces? I live in Montreal, QC and my friend in Toronto, ON. She wants to buy my car. What do I have to do to sell it to her?

I am selling my car. I live in Montreal. My friend lives in Toronto. caHow do I sell a car between Canadian provinces? Do I need to do anything special to sell my car to my friend? Do I just sign over the vehicle registration to her? Does she get plates? What happens? Does anyone know?
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She won't get plates. You either trust her to register the car in Ontario or you officially transfer it to her, she doesn't get plates and has 4 days to register it in Ontario.

Check out the SAAQ FAQ about your exact question : You have sold your vehicle to a person living outside Québec who will take it to his home jurisdiction. What is the registration procedure?
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