Best headache-tracking app?
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Recommendations needed for the best headache-tracking app.

I'm relatively new to getting headaches. My neurologist has ruled out big scary problems, but I would like to try to find some patterns in the possible triggers. Please recommend me the super best app (droid, preferably free but will pay if it's great) for tracking as much info as possible - triggers, treatments, weather, anything else I haven't thought of.

Any other advice you can think of in terms of how to learn to prevent or treat headaches is also appreciated!
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Not an app, but a web service, lets you set up whatever parameters you want to track. Then you send direct messages to it over Twitter in a certain format, and it parses things out, and lets you slice and dice the data on its website.

I know there is (or was) a special Twitter client on the iPhone specifically for sending messages to YFD. Don't know about Android.
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My Headache Log Pro.
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Migraine Notebook


I have been getting migraine for more than 5 years. Initially started with excel sheet but this is the best in stock (have tried tons, paid as well as free)
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Thanks, all. I've downloaded some apps and am giving them a try. Soon I'll have So Much Exciting Data!
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