How to get another position at a company I'm temping at
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I'm a temp/consultant at a Fortune 100 company. My project is ending soon and I to find another one. How do I do so?

I've been working at a large company since February. I was brought on to help do document review and data entry. But due to my barely above beginner level skills in Excel, they moved me to more of an analyst role. Right now, I review data and create spreadsheets to summarize and make the data more accessible.

My current supervisor told me I need to go and network with other managers within the company so I can get something permanent. There are no permanent roles still available on my current team.

So how do I go about talking to people I don't know well in hopes that they will hire me? Ask them straight out? See if their division has a job posted and do a blind application?

I'm not good at job hunting so I hope you can help me.
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The phrase you need is "informational interview." Offer the managers who might have permanent roles out for coffee or lunch (on your dime, though they'll probably pay) and ask to just talk about the roles they manage in this organization. This is an out-in-the-open-subtle way of asking to be considered for a job by people you haven't met yet, especially internally.
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Your supervisor might be wiling to send your resume out to other managers who have openings. He could also volunteer you to assist with projects in other groups if possible. This expands your visibility, and I've had supervisors do both of these things for me.

Informational interviews are good. My understanding is that it's in poor taste to come out and ask for a job during these things, but it's a chance to get yourself in front of people who having hiring power, learn more about their work, and convey some information about yourself. You can let them know that your assignment is ending and that you've really enjoyed working at XYZ firm and that if they know of anything that might be a fit you would be interested.

Definitely apply for jobs online and ask around to see if you know anyone who knows the hiring manager and can tell them "Hey, reenum just applied for that analyst opening in your group, and I want to let you know s/he's done an awesome job for us."

Don't be shy about conveying interest, but be wary of putting the burden of your job search on anyone else. People can get annoyed when you say "hey, here's my resume, could you send it to hiring manager Y" when you didn't bother to apply for the job through the proper channels.

Also, call your temp agency and ask them to send you on interviews for a new gig. Don't restrict your options to just this firm. Update your profiles on linked in and monster.
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Go onto the website of your company and see if there are any openings. Apply for them. Then take them to your current manager and ask if he knows the hiring manager, and if so, would he forward your resume with a recommendation.

And also apply for other jobs in other companies.

I approached Job Hunting as a full time job in itself.

I would scour the job sites:

Simply Hired
Career Builder

Pretty much in that order. I had the best luck with LinkedIn.

I had a basic resume that I would customize to each job. Using the exact language as used in the job posting if I could.

In my 4 month job search I submitted over 200 resumes. I got about 5 GOOD interviews and 2 offers.

Good Luck!
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