Help me find a (specific) blog by an anglophone about Paris/French culture!
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Help me find a (specific) blog by an anglophone about Paris/French culture!

A few months back, I stumbled upon a wonderful blog, while at a friend's house. I stupidly didn't bookmark/write down the name and have forgotten it (for shame)

The blog is by an anglophone (maybe british? maybe Amercian?) living in Paris and was kind of an aggregate of paris life, french life, travel, culture and whimsy.

I've done all of the appropriate searched via google, but haven't found it yet-

Anyone have an idea what this blog might be? suggestions? Help?
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ALSO - I remember she had a few video blogs posted where she asked her french friends a question about dating/attitudes towards sex
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Well since it's not a video blog, I don't think I have the right answer, but you may find this (ex-pat anglophone asking French men what they think of American women vs French women) interesting anyway. There are a few more installments on the same topic in the month or so after that particular post. And the rest of the blog is interesting, too.
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