Looking for a cross-border Canada/US tax expert
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Recommendation for cross-border Canada/US tax expert (in Bay Area, or other)?

My wife and I are moving from Canada to the Bay Area at the end of October. I will be on NAFTA TN status/visa, she as TD status. The tax implications of a mid-year move seem rather complicated, to say the least.

Can you recommend someone to provide some advice this fall, and to prepare both the Canadian and US tax returns next spring? Local to the Bay Area would be nice to ease consultation, but if you have had a great experience with someone from elsewhere I would consider doing it through phone/email.
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I don't know of anyone in the Bay Area, but I had my most recent returns prepared by Serbinski (opposite scenario to yours - US to Canada - but they can help with either) and had a good experience overall. There is some info on fees here and they also have an arrangement where you can book a consultation and then have the cost credited against return preparation if you decide to have them do your returns.

Based on my experience I'd suggest being prepared for a few things regardless of who you choose:
- Having to assemble a massive amount of information before your returns can be prepared
- Paying more than you expect for return preparation
- Getting different guidance from each cross-border expert you talk to, no matter how knowledgeable and qualified

Depending on your situation you could also consider talking to a firm like Transitions Financial or Keats Connelly that specializes in Canada-US moves, but I don't have any personal experience with either.
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