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I need costume suggestions for an LMFAO themed Halloween party.

I need ideas for both me (female) and my boyfriend, although I suspect his costume will be easier since LMFAO is a couple of guys. So far I've got neon colors and animal prints, but have no idea what to do with that (except painting my nails different, bright colors). I'm ok with bearing *some* skin, like maybe a little cleavage, but would prefer to keep my costume pretty comfy. And what to do with my hair (long, straight, brown)? I have no clue.

The party is on 10/27, so I've got some time to shop - online or retail stores are both ok. I'm fine with buying stuff that I'll never wear again if it's cheap enough. Hope me?
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Ooh, forgot to mention that I am totally willing to make stuff too. Have hot glue gun, will craft. No sewing machine though.
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If it's LFMAO-themed, almost anything utterly rediculous and flashy is totally fine. Crazy colors, clashing combinations of patterns, god only knows. I'd suggest settling down with a notepad and the music video for Party Rock Anthem and it shouldn't take long before you have enough inspiration to assemble something suitably silly.
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Well, if you want to do something a little different, you could go as a party rock (see: this awesome video)-- a rock costume (?) with a party hat and a noise maker, etc.
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Take the theme literally, construct a butt out of foam rubber and velcro it to yourself, then laugh and have it fall off at random times.
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Dress up as one of The Wiggles.
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Dress up like an anthropomorphic breakdancing hamster.
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Dress in all black with really long, boxy square shoes. Team up with a fro-sportin' partygoer and figure out poses and moves. Then you can repeat "girl look at that body" while your partner can "work ouuuut."
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The central piece of the LMFAO look is a pair of spandex pants in a neon color or an animal print. Because you're a woman, you can put a skirt over it if you don't want to be wearing only something very form-fitting. I'd go with something brightly colored with a lot of tulle if you can find it. Then you can put on a black tank top and some kind of shiny, flashy jacket.

Jewelry! Anything neon, anything with a disco ball on it, anything that glows or lights up.

For your hair, a neon colored headband will probably do it, though if you can use gel or mousse to make your hair "big" that fits in pretty well with the aesthetic.
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Get a cardboard box and go as the Shufflebot.
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As capricorn said, a skirt or even some-other-neon-colored running shorts will work over neon colored tights, if you don't want something very form fitting
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I am so jealous of this party!

Since Gangnam Style sounds like LMFAO, I think you should dress like PSY!
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LMFAO made a video involving curling. There are some great costumes there if you can get your hands on some curling gear.

(YMMV but some of us curlers think it's hilarious. Also there's some terrible curling in there.)
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This was my costume last year. You can feel free to use it this year.

(seriously the robot head took about 45 mins of work and maybe $10 in materials)
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I can always count on AskMe to help me see the forest instead of the trees. I was so focused on going as one of the actual guys from LMFAO, I didn't even think of just adapting their style for women. Duh!

I've got this crazy pair of legging/jeans/sweatpants that are blue with neon yellow leopard-ish spots, some colorful shirts, and accessories. I'll have to put up pictures after this weekend.

Shufflebot is a great idea, but decided I didn't want to wear the robot head all night. I also want to give kudos to those who suggested the party rock, detachable butt, the Wiggles*, and breakdancing hamster. I may still try to work some of these into my costume.

Thanks to everyone who responded!!

*Although I used 'wiggle' in the title of my post, it took me a while to get this suggestion. It suddenly clicked when my SO and I were talking about what slogan I was going to stencil on his shirt. I swear he could see my brain explode.
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