Quantifying the Effect of Gamification?
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Is there good quantitative research on the behavioral effect of gamification and achievements?

There's a lot of talk about gamification and achievements, and what I'm looking for is research that shows the effectiveness in practice. I've found lots of qualitative analysis and rhetorical critiques, but I am more interested in data.

I've searched on Google Scholar and on Google itself, and found a few small tidbits but nothing really rigorous.

Some examples of things I'm interested in (numbers are completely made up):
  • After we deployed xyz feature, we saw a 10% increase in retention / exploration / time spent for 25% of the population
  • After Blizzard deployed achievements in World of Warcraft, 75% of players were highly favorable towards them. Today, it is 60%.
  • Analyzing actual behavior of players and achievements unlocked, 5% of players are highly motivated by achievements, 25% moderately motivated, and 70% don't care.
  • In a controlled study, we found that people using FitBit exercise 15% more than people who don't
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There might be links to useful studies in these blog posts about gamification in (mostly corporate) elearning.
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There are a number of recent studies on the effects of the WiiFit (and similar systems) on weight loss and health -- hopefully those include enough gamification to be relevant? Some links: the WiiFit and childhood obesity. Active video games and health, a summary in NYT Well Blog. A discussion of exergaming effectiveness, includes links to recent studies.
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Look at the SIGCHI conference
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Thanks all, appreciate it!
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