Can we eat well in Barcelona in August?
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Barcelona filter: To all of the BCN locals and lovers! We leave for our trip in 10 days and are in need of immediate advice about restaurant dining in August.

Yes, I tried a post on chowhound with no luck. So I turn to you all. We will be in town and in need of good food from August 24th-29th. I already know that some of the most talked about restaurants are closed. (Yes, I know-- bad time to travel, but we're there for a conference.) We love food and are very excited to experience the Barcelona culinary revolution. I am on a per diem from work, yet we are also willing to splurge on a few meals too, so we're looking for a variety of great dining experiences, not just the high end. Please share your favorites!

It's also hard to get a handle from here on what will be open. We know that Cal Pep, Cinc Sentits, and Comerc 24 are closed. Bonus points for anyone who can tell me if any of the following will be open: Alkimia, Sauc, Abac, Hisop, Café de L'Acadèmia, Taller de Tapas.
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Best answer: Akimia - obert. Saüc - tancat. Hisop - tancat. Café de L'Acadèmia - tancat. Taller de Tapas - no se.
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Make sure you try FoodBALL.
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