A song comparing her love to stars
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Romantic song sung by female singer, with lyrics like, "Why do I need stars when I have you"?


- Female singer with a jazzy sound, kind of like Duffy
- Heard on CBC radio (99.1 in Toronto, Ontario)
- Song was played in between news segments at around 6:30 am today (20 minutes ago)
- It was a love song, judging from the lyrics
- The singer had a woman's name, with first and last name
- Another lyric was something like "you make my dreams come true"

I can't recall any of the other lyrics. Have tried Googling and had no luck. Help! :-0
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Best answer: I think I was listening to her this morning as well - I don't think I caught the song you're looking for, but she sang one called "Distracted." Her name's Alysha Brillinger and her shows page pegs her as being on Metro Morning from 5:30 am to 8:30 am today.
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Best answer: If her name is Alysha Brillinger, then the song you're looking for is likely called "I Don't Need the Stars".
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It doesn't quite fit, but If the Stars were Mine by Melody Gardot? It's more samba than jazz, but it might be it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! The song was called "I Don't Need the Stars" by Alysha Brillinger.
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