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Sunday activities in Colorado Springs? I am trying to coordinate an outing for a group of 6-8 women of varying ages on Sunday afternoon or early evening, but I really don't know the area. We will have an 80 year old and a 3 year old with us.

It's the 80-year old's birthday, and I would like to do something nice for her and the group. My initial thought (before the location changed) was tea at the Brown Palace. I know about Glen Eyrie (doesn't serve tea on Sunday afternoon) and the Broadmoor (doesn't serve tea at all). The activity doesn't have to be tea or food related, but something similarly nice and relatively low-key from a physical activity standpoint would be best.

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You would have to do a bit of scrambling today to meet the requirements for high tea at Miramont Castle in Manitou, but it might work. You might check with some of the local coffee houses too.

Another option is brunch at Cafe 36 at the Fine Arts Center.

Hope that helps!
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The cog railway up Pikes Peak (starts in Manitou) is a good time, assuming the 80 year old doesn't have breathing issues. They sell oxygen at the base of the mountain that you can buy just in case anyone has breathing issues above treeline. It is three hours round trip and doesn't require a lot of mobility.

Garden of the Gods is fun and beautiful even if no one gets out of the car.

There are a ton of options for road trips through the mountains that everyone would probably enjoy.

Drive an hour to Denver and have tea at the Brown Palace.
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