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Can I find a Unitarian Universalist-like church in Rio de Janeiro?

I'm currently living in Rio and have recently been interested in rediscovering my spirituality. I'm really open to any suggestions but I am hoping for a congregation-like community (I've also started to do capoeira which is cool from a body-spirit perspective). This is a bit of a challenge in such a Catholic country, but do any MeFis know of UU (or UU-like) organizations/communities/etc. in Rio?
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Thanks! I checked out their site, but unfortunately none of those are in Rio...
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My first thought was to find a Friends church but I don't see one listed (that's not to say one doesn't exist; the three Quaker churches closest to me in Tennessee aren't online either.) Failing that, maybe you can find something of interest here? The Positivists or the last listing, the Pai Antonio Spiritualist Hut, sound interesting.
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The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists has a small bit of information about UUs in Brazil. The page they link to is in Portuguese, so I can't read it, but it doesn't look like it mentions a congregation in Rio. While UUs exist in Brazil, they may not have an official presence in Rio.

You could also try the contact link on the ICUU website. It looks to be a direct email link to the President (who happens to be the minister of my church and is typically pretty quick to reply to email).
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