What is the recommended portable mouse and laptop backpack for an x230?
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What is the recommended portable mouse and laptop backpack/bag for a Lenovo x230?

I have a Lenovo x230 and need to purchase a portable mouse and a laptop bag.

A) Is there a go to portable mouse? I would prefer something wireless with a long battery life. Wired would be Ok too if has a retractable non-intrusive cord.

B) I need a laptop backpack/bag that fits the x230 with a 6 cell battery (12 (L) x 8.13 (W) x 1.36 (H) inches with 6-cell battery). I also would typically carrier two or more hard cover textbooks, file folders, calculator, cell phone, flash drives, power brick, etc. Ideally, I would like something that is primarily a backpack but can also be carried by a side handle like a brief case. I would like something that looks reasonably professional and I like the style of some Patagonia bags and other more hiking backpacks.

Any recommendations?

C) Any recommendations for sleeves that fit the x230 well? I am leaning towards a CaseLogic which had some reviews on Amazon indicating that the x220 fit it well.

D) Any other recommendations for the x230 other than a portable mouse, spare power adapter and a docking station?

Any recommendations?
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What's your budget for a mouse?

I have a coworker with one of those Microsoft folding mice with bluetooth. It feels ok, works with multiple laptops seamlessly (including all ThinkPads). and feels ok but I've not used one for hours at a time or for challenging tasks. But very portable and robust/reliable.

I've had the Logitech cordless- MX, MX laser, MX Revolution, and Performance Mouse. They've all been great cordless mice (modern generations are "unified" - one small usb plugin can handle multiple mice and keyboards. The Revolution (discontinued) and Performance are absolutely incredible mice and worth the extra $. The latest iteration have USB charging cords for non-wireless but-battery charging use. If you need to use a mouse frequently and can justify the price, a top of the line current Logitech can't go wrong.
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Strongly recommending the MX Anywhere as a small, excellent travel mouse. It has surprisingly many good points for a wireless mouse, including an internal compartment for the dongle, even though the dongle is low-profile enoug that you can leave it in the machine when the machine goes in the sleeve, the fact that it will work on only one of the two standard AA batteries it takes if need be, and the Logitech spiny wheel, which I won't go without anymore.
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I don't particularly believe in laptop specific bags. Instead, I go with laptop sleeves. How protective of a sleeve I use depends on how much padding the bag has on it's own. I do believe in sleeves that are only as big as they need to be for the laptop. Waterfield Custom Fit Sleeve Case. I also use and love the piggyback pouch. If I were much harder on my bags, I would use a Tom Bihn Brain Cell.

It pains me to suggest a non bluetooth mouse for a laptop, but this one just works, whereas an appalling number of bluetooth mice are awful. Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX
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I recently got the Microsoft Arc Mouse, which is very portable and comfortable. It folds for portability and holds the dongle magnetically, and turns on when you unfold it. It feels almost like a full size mouse when using it.
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