I wanna be your super hero... of some ridiculousness
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Alright MeFites, help me rock yet another themed birthday party.

This Saturday I am going to a friends birthday party, where the theme this time, is to dress up as a "made up super hero." I realize that technically most super heroes are made up, but I think here they are going for something a little more along the ridiculous line. I have come up with a couple of ideas, but nothing that I am excited about, or that would be feasible to scrap together a costume in 2 days without breaking the bank.

So I come to you MeFites, what are some funny ideas for a made up super hero? Back story encouraged if you feel so inclined, however I can come up with a back story for just about anything as well. The party invite did not ask for you to have a back story strictly speaking, I just think it will add to the "character." Also if it helps, I am a girl. However my boyfriend is also stumped, so male costume ideas will be acceptable as well. Nerdy ideas of any kind also encouraged, as my friends are mostly nerds.
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You should be a Useless Mutant. I vote for Flashback: you can arm yourself with several past disasters to shout out at random, and spend the rest of the evening warning other people too late about their party fouls (e.g. "Gary, watch out! You're about to knock over the bowl of chips!" five minutes after he does it.)
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No backstory; It confuses things! Just be the man of laundry lint or the woman of dying batteries. Think of mediocre things and own them; no back story!!! The more explaining, the less effective.
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Water pic chick!
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The Organic Avenger
jeans/overalls, rolled up
plaid shirt
clompy boots/shoes
straw hat
basket full of produce filled with the supernatural power of VITAMINS!

Hipster Catwoman
Hoodie/other assorted identifiably hipster clothing
nerd glasses
cat ears/tail
withering sarcasm rays
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Also, if you wanted to roll with the whole meme thing, your BF could go as brushie brushie brushie batman.
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There are many you could borrow from Snake 'n' Bacon: Fruit-of-the-Month Club Man (dresses as a different fruit every month, and carries a club), Captain Punch-in-the-Face, the Bastmaster ("he squirted gangsters with turkey juice"), Professor Dictionary, Rip Lazybones and his Futuristic Wonderbed, the Rugmaster ("he pulled the rug out from under mobsters!"), Heavily Bandaged Buddy ("his frail appearance severely intimidated gangsters nervous of lawsuits!"), Professor Gastropd the Human Snail, Captain Beaver, Johnny Rampage ("the cross-eyed lunatic with a lit stick of dynamite in each hand! He stood up to the Mixed Seafood Gang!"), the Kickboxing Cake-Boxer, Doctor Slappy ("master of the Supersonic Slap"), the Two-by-Fourster, and the Mangoose (a man in a goose costume).
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As a last minute costume a friend of mine did 'household cleaner man' one year for halloween. He wore spandex shorts and a bright red shirt with some sort of symbol drawn on it and made himself a belt that held a variety of cleaners on it. He wore yellow rubber gloves too.
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What about being SuperFood? And you can dress covered in pomegranates, spinach, quinoa, whatever...
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You are Silly Straw, and you suck up crime. You have bendy powers but you're currently on the downlow.
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