How to enable the WYSIWYG editor in Joomla...?
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How to enable the WYSIWYG editor in Joomla...?

I'm a board member on a tiny non-profit, and I administer the website, which uses a Joomla - CMS.

We were recently hacked, and the website was hacked. We were able to restore with a backup, which is great.

However, the WYSIWYG editor appears to be gone from the article manager (or whatever the hell you call it in Joomla). After doing some searching, I discovered that WYSIWYG is non-native in Joomla, and you need a plugin to enable it.

Or do you? I'm used to using Wordpress and Drupla, which come with basic WYSIWYG editors for pages and posts. For example, in WP, all you have to do is switch between the "visual" and "html" tabs.

I looked for a similar button or whatever even the article editor in Joomla, but couldn't find it.

Am I missing something obvious? Or do I have to somehow install a plugin in Joomla? The previous admin has left the board and is studying at medical school, so I can't really bug him too much.

I'm considering using Wordpress to just rebuild the website from scratch, but that will take about 10 hours which I don't have right now.

Any Joomla tips would be appreciated!
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A drop-down for the default editor should be in Site > Global Configuration, under the "Site" tab: that'll list which editing plugins are properly installed. If there isn't one available, then something's broken, as even the earliest versions should at least have TinyMCE available.

If you're running an old Joomla install (1.x) then you're likely to get hacked again, possibly through the editor plugin; and it may have been the editor plugin that got the site hacked in the first place.
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Editor is user specific, so try looking at your user profile under 'user manager' to see which editor is selected. Also activate the plug in for whichever editor you need under plug in manager.
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