Best/Cheapest Men's Hair Dye In New York?
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Looking for a place in NYC where I (a dude) can get good, natural-looking hair coloring for about a hundred bucks.

I would normally do it myself but it's the tricky business of going from darkish brown to blonde and I'd rather just let a professional handle it.
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I find that the best, cheap hair color comes from the likes of the Paul Mitchel Academy or the Aveda Institute.

You get a student who is being strictly supervised by a Pro taking care of things and paying bargain basement prices. It will take all morning, plan for that, but the outcome is worth it.
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I've never done color at the Aveda Institute, but I've used them for haircuts and other services forever. Highly recommended.
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Best answer: You want Riah. They are tiny and unknown and awesome. They use this stuff. Ask for Devon- she's the queen of going blonde. She only works part time, so you might have to wait a week or two, but it's worth it.
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Oh forgot to add- I don't know exactly what their men's prices are, but it runs me about $90 for a full head color and I'm female with long hair. For NYC that's batshit cheap, so I can't imagine a man-head cut going much over $60.
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In my experience, Aveda is fantastic for hair color.
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Response by poster: Riah was great!


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