I need a Wordpress registration solution
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Please recommend a Wordpress plugin for event registrations. Or suggest an alternative.

I manage a couple of websites build on Wordpress, and need to incorporate a registration system for paid and unpaid events. I have considered EventBrite, Constant Contact's EventSpot, and the like, but I would prefer to have something without a monthly cost, a per-registration cost, or a percentage fee, other than the PayPal transaction fee. I don't mind paying a one-time fee for the plugin, or a reasonable annual maintenance fee for it. We are talking about events with anywhere from 50 to 1000 registrations.

These "events" range from conferences to expositions to volunteer registrations. So there needs to be considerable flexibility in the ability to structure questions, including:
-- extended text answers, defined-length text answers, multiple choice dropdowns, checkboxes or radio buttons, etc.
-- conditional questions: If you answer X to a question, one or more dependent questions pop up, if you answer Y, they don't. Or a different set comes up.
-- dollar charges tied to various answers that add up to your final registration cost: for example, besides booth rental at an expo, do you need to rent a tent? table? chairs? with additional charges tied to each one.

I have previously used DTRegister in Joomla, and would like to duplicate most of its functionality. I have tried EventEspresso and was not happy with it. (Bugs, lack of features, spam registrations, incomplete registrations.) I've looked at GravityForms, which seems to go well beyond event registration but looks pretty solid.

Any thoughts and suggestions appreciated, including 3rd party alternatives outside of Wordpress that meet my cost objectives.
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Gravity Forms is pretty awesome, and if you're a developer, you can get the PayPal add on, which would probably help you monetize.

I'd consider using their pre-purchase forum to determine if what you want is feasible. It definitely does items 1 and 2 on your list, and there are a lot of hooks you can work with that'll probably get #3 to work (if it doesn't already). Judging by this page (I came across from a quick search of the GF Forums), it should be possible: CarDealer Press

I also like the Events Manager plugin, but I've never had to use the registration component, so I don't know if you'd be able to mix it in with Gravity Forms to accomplish what you'd like.
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Second Events Manager. I've used it for a number of clients, both for paid registration and otherwise, and it's fantastic.
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Response by poster: We went with Gravity Forms and like it a lot. Very flexible.
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