Recording "screencast" together with webcam video in Ubuntu 12.04?
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Using a laptop running Ubuntu Linux 12.04, I want to record three things at once: 1) video of my desktop, 2) video from a USB webcam, 3) audio from a USB microphone. Ideally I would like some setup which simultaneously starts all three recordings, and keeps them in sync, so that it will not be too painfully difficult to mix them later -- my eventual aim is to make a kind of "picture-in-picture" screencast. Is this feasible, and if it is, what's the best approach? (Free is nice, but if I can make this process smoother by paying less than a thousand dollars, I will happily pay.)
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VLC can do this. You can even do it all with command line options, to make a nice script you can run to start everything at more or less the same time. I'd ask on the VLC forums for more detail - the command line options can get complicated.

I just tried VLC's desktop recording though, at 30fps it gets choppy. You might want to use recordmydesktop instead.

Also, switch to Ubuntu 2D. In my experience the fancy compositing shells do not play nicely with desktop recording.
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Thanks a lot -- I'll give it a try!
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