Can you recommend a pediatrician in Portland, OR?
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Can you recommend a pediatrician in Portland, OR?

We need a pediatrician for our one-month-old. We're kind of earthy-crunchy and into alternative medicine, but not woo-woo or anti-vaccination. We'd like a pediatrician that is warm, willing to discus and explain things but not talk down to us, and isn't likely to do the unfortunately common thing of prescribing antibiotics for the common cold.

We have coverage with Aetna, but any names you've got are most appreciated.
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Any of the doctors at Integrative Primary Care Associates would fit the bill very nicely.
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I really like our 21-month-old's pediatrician, Dr. Natasha Pereira at The Children's Clinic on Barnes Rd. She is down with the mainstream crunchy things like co-sleeping and extended breastfeeding but is not anti-vax (though she is willing to do alternative vax schedules).

I also like The Children's Clinic because they have a great 24-hour nurse advice line, because of course you always end up having medical questions at 3am and having a medical professional with access to your baby's chart is 1000x better than Dr. Google.
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Dr Digregorio over at providence was our kiddos first, and a couple of friends still take their kids to him and we all loved it. Super practical, and really really nice. He has tons of experience with conventional medicine, and is totally open to alternative medicine, but admits its not his specialty.

One quirk though, dude talks with his eyes closed sometimes. It's a little weird.

One of the "cons" for moving away was actually this dude.
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Oops, my link didn't go through: Dr. D's info.
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I like all of the doctors that we've had at Metropolitan Pediatrics; Burton, Deenadayaluand, Meyer in particular. I would recommend no matter who you go with that you find a place that has lots of docs and a free 24 hour advice line. I can't count the number of times that we've needed to get in right away(ish) with our twins and just taken the first appointment available. I also can't count the number of times that we've had the advice nurse either talk us down off of the ledge or send us in right away.
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Thanks, everyone!
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We use Pediatrics Associates of the Northwest, they have several doctors in the office and we're switching around till we find one we like. Go with an office that has multiple docs and multiple nurses. When they hit shot age you'll want to be able to rotate to someone new in the practice after they associate shots with a specific person so you don't have to move medical records around/etc.
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