Getting documents read aloud by a human being
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Is there a service where I can submit articles or documents and have them read by a human being and get the result recorded as an mp3? I feel like such a service ought to exist somewhere, but I haven't had any luck finding one. Also, I'm not really interested in software that converts text to speech - it has to be read by a person.
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Do you have a volunteer radio reading service near you? They can probably connect you with experienced local readers who would read your documents at reasonable cost.
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You're looking for Voice Over services.
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VoiceBunny even has a slick api. =)
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If you're looking for large-scale implementations, does that.
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Just to add a little bit more context - this is for an exam I'm studying for. I'm hoping to find a service where I can pay to get my study notes recorded as mp3s so that I can study during my commute.
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A probably cheap, not-of-verifiable-quality option would be to post this job on Mechanical Turk. I bet someone would do it!
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Or, alternatively, post it as a job on MeFi Jobs. One of your fellow MeFites might like the opportunity.
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I have used this exact service from someone on Several people offer this at Fiverr and they're willing to work with you on multiple orders. It's a bargain, too. Here's an example (though I have never used this person). He's advertising 5 minutes for $5, but I have found many will record longer articles for not much more.
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Also, if you have a Mac, I believe you can easily record your own voice as mp3s (and presumably PCs have something similar?). I actually did this as an undergrad, when I was in a similar situation to yours (trying to create it for me to listen to, in order to study for exams). I did it through Garageband, and it was extremely simple: you just push the "record" button, say the piece, and then press stop. I believe it automatically went into my iTunes when I was finished, or I put it there with minimal effort. I'm not computer savvy, so if I could do it, I'm sure most others could. The only problem is that any background noise that happens during your recording is there when you listen to it (traffic sounds, etc.). You could use a private study room at the library to minimize this. However if the issue is that you'd prefer a more professional quality and/or someone professionally trained, probably best to hire out the task.
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Did you try craigslist? Since this is just your class notes I would assume you are looking for a cheap option. Maybe find a high school student in your area?
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