Recommend a family doctor in Vancouver/Burnaby? One that can deal with allergies would be nice.
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Anyone recommend a family doctor in Vancouver/Burnaby? One that can deal with allergies would be nice. Or at least give me suggestions on how to get one, because I've never done this before.

I've been in Canada since I was a kid, but I've never had a family doctor, and I don't know where to begin. I just grew up as part of an immigrant family that didn't use health services for some reason, and tended to use home remedies or none at all. So now that I'm conscious of the fact that I need a family doctor, I'd like some recommendations or suggestions on how I can get one.

I've been dealing with perennial allergies recently and have been prescribed Nasonex at a walk-in clinic, but I'd like to have a doctor who can help me with my allergies/sinus-type problems on a more regular basis, because I'm still at the stage where I'm still figuring out the right mix of meds and changing up my environment so I can sleep at night and be mostly normal again.

I'd prefer to see a doctor in an area close to public transit, preferably in Burnaby, New West, or East Vancouver. My other preference is for a doctor whose English isn't too heavily accented, or speaks too softly, or is biased against the use of anti-depressants. I am an immigrant myself, but it is always awkward whenever I deal with a doctor who I constantly have to ask to repeat her/himself, I just don't want to annoy him/her. I am also have been prescribed an anti-depressant (and went through some counselling), so I'd rather not deal with a health professional who'd be judgmental about it. Thanks!
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It's not a GP, but I and several people I know have had good experiences with the Kensington Medical Clinic in Burnaby (Kensington & Hastings). If you find a doc you like there, check to see if you can schedule appointments. Otherwise, their schedule is online so you can time your visits for when your favorite doctor is available.
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I had great success with Sage which is a naturopathic clinic and specializes in allergies and other ailments. The professionals I consulted there are sincere and highly empathetic. Memail me for more info. Highly highly recommended.
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