Where's the best place to find video clips of the latest hot topics?
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Where's a good place to go to find the latest video clips of stuff going on around the world? I search for video in the yahoo video and google video search. No luck. Specifically, right now, I'm looking for footage of that kid who jumped down into the net at the Yankee game. But every week or two, I want to see a video clip that somebody mentioned, that everyone seems to have seen, and I can't find it without lots of effort. Got to be some good place to go and always find the latest popular stuff. It would have been the go to place to see the star wars kid, Janet Jackson's boob, this Yankee's incident, etc...
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iFilm is usually a good bet for stuff like this. They have a "viral video" section which describes just what you're looking for (although I don't know if the Yankees clip is there). Also, CNN.com and MSNBC.com always have free video clips (which usually require Windows Media Player).
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Sounds like you want Bore Me. I'm pretty sure they'll have all the videos you mention too.
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I tried ifilm earlier. It's pretty good for some of those star wars kid type movies. But no Yankees one on there. http://www.boreme.com looks pretty good too. Same kinda thing as ifilm. And no yankees there either. But That one will be added to my bookmarks. Thanks.
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ebaum's world, fark, college humor, comsumption junction, foundry music, b3ta.com, apechild.com, kontraband and blogtelevision.net are all sites that host these "of the moment" clips.

the video is here though

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Seconding trey's iFilms Viral Video channel...
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If you're ever looking for political footage, like the Novak "bullshit" episode or Ted Nugent on Hardball last night, the Crooks and Liars blog has a ton of video content. It used to call itself "The Video Blogger that features satire and hard news" but recently changed the tagline to " The New On-Line Virtual Magazine." Either way, it's a good spot to look for recent political video clips, selected from a left-leaning perspective.
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