Find vector art for symbols of accessibility
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Could someone help me find open access vector art for wheelchair accessibility symbols similar to the one in this photo from a shop in Leipzig?

I like the style of that wheelchair symbol more than the style of the International Symbol of Access. The former seems more active and positive. I would like to be able to make signs for events to remind everyone to give priority to people who need it.

I did some google searches, including image searches, and there are similar tiny wheelchair images shown as examples, but no large vector files for people to use.
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Have you looked through the Noun Project? Here are two wheelchair-related icons (though neither is exactly what you're looking for):
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What about this one, from the Noun Project. All freely downloadable vector-based art (and there are a few more to see there, too).
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Damn, (un)ruthless!
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Check your email.
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Best answer: There's another guy who also wants a more positive sign. He's designed one, and he's posted his contact information here in a public letter about the symbol. Since he's promoting it, I bet he'd give you a vector file.

The one shown at the top of this page seems to keep with the spirit of the one you liked. Since it's on a local government website, I bet they have a vector file they'd share.
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Response by poster: Wow, you all are quick. Thanks for the email and leads.

At the next conference I go to, I was going to look at the aisles and elevator area and see if it would help to post signs to remind people to give priority. I was at a very crowded event recently and the elevator banks were extra crowded and people in wheelchairs weren't always given priority. A friendly reminder might help. I could suggest a sign, and maybe have some printed up on nice stock to bring with me.
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I found a little more information about the symbol used on the government website. According to this article, VSA Arts made it as a redesign from the ISA symbol, in 2005. I don't see information about this on the VSA site, but you can contact them.

Or, if you have the standard ISA symbol already, and you want to spiff it up with the stickers mentioned in the same article, scroll to the bottom of the creator's article about it, and she gives her contact information for asking for the stickers, for free.
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Not a great picture, but the ones on Portland public transit are pretty active and good. Maybe you could contact TriMet for a vector file?
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The NYC taxis have a fun, active wheelchair pictogram. I'm not sure about licensing it in vector format.
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Best answer: Here's another freely available redesigned access symbol.
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