Prepared vegan food delivery in Seattle?
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I have a friend in Seattle who's dealing with moving, school, work, and a relative in hospice. Not much time to take care of meals. Since I'm not in Seattle, I'd like to help by getting some food delivered. Are there any places in Seattle that will deliver prepared vegan meals? I'm thinking a few days to a week worth of meals, not just delivery from a vegan restaurant.
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You should look up personal chefs, they can cook to order and deliver. This one says she cooks in your home but perhaps she's flexible on that.
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Lucky Palate will do this.

There's also Eat24, but I know nothing about them.
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The Fresh Chef

I can say that Chef Virginia from the Fresh Chef cooks some amazing food. I know that she does a lot of special menu stuff, such as vegan and gluten free, although I don't know how much of that is on her regular menu. She does both in home cooking and meal delivery.

There are other personal chef's and meal delivery services, although I have not tried any of them, so I can't say which ones are good or not. Many of them do the cooking in your home, partially so that the food is prepared fresh, but mostly because this way they don't need to rent space in a commercial kitchen. So, if a person says that they cook in your home, it is likely that they won't do food deliveries (although it doesn't hurt to ask)
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I live in Seattle and I get raw vegan food delivered from Minnesota, actually. I love Pure Market Express. They package everything up nicely and portably, too, so your friend would be able to easily take things to class and elsewhere. Raw isn't for everyone, though and I find that I can't eat all raw, all the time. I supplement my raw diet with with some proteins and some cooked food. But the Pure Market Express food is amazing! It's also a really good deal. You get so much for the weekly fee -- I don't need to reorder for 2 weeks usually.
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Thanks to each of you. I just ordered a gift certificate from Pure Market Express. The other responses are great ideas but I want to avoid forcing my friend to talk to someone about planning meals. With the gift certificate, it's a simple as picking food online and entering a deliver address.
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