Cats scratch damage to security film on glass?
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Will cat scratching damage a 3M security film on a glass door? Any other opinions on this film?

Our contractor is recommending a 3M security film applique to our new glass doors (the doors replacing a single door with a wrought iron security gate, no longer an option). Security film specs (PDF). I think the film would be the Ultra 400 or Ultra 600. Our cats like to scratch at the back door to request entry, and we are worried they would damage the film. I guess not, but welcome reports of any experience with the film.
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Can you get a test sample and try scratching it with a tool? From the description including up to 42 "microlayers" that will hold the glass together and continue to resist entry by burglars who try to break through it, it's pretty tough stuff. The cats are not going to affect its bad-guy resistivity, for sure. They might mar it a little, but you could test that with a sample. If it seems they could scratch it, why not install a Lexan panel over the top of it, which would allow them to scratch to their hearts' content, and then when and if you move, you remove the panel and have a pristine door. (that was my solution on a wooden door)
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Yeah, Lexan will protect the glass and the 3M security film.

Though I suspect that if this security film really is strong enough to deter burglars, it will withstand the force of cats' claws.
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Best answer: I believe that security film is typically applied to the interior side of the glass, so if the cats are scratching for entry from the outside, they wouldn't be scratching the film at all. I suspect that even if they are scratching the film side, they wouldn't damage it, but I'm not sure about that. It's possible that if they are scratching at the edges, they might start peeling it off the door, even if they can't damage the film itself. It's something to ask your contractor about -- he is probably 3M certified if that's the product that he's recommending.

I don't think that a lexan panel will give you a look that will make you happy, though.
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