Forwarding Virgin Mobile number to Google Voice?
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I can't seem to forward my virgin mobile cell phone number to google voice... and I'm really confused about how this works. I can't seem to find the exact answers I need to fix this issue. Help??

I finally got an android and I've been using GrooveIP to make calls. I don't mind having people call my number and then calling them back using Groove IP, but I figured I may try to get my number forwarded through Google Voice so I can answer using GrooveIP and not waste minutes while at home.

I tried to use Google Voice already for this purpose, and it appears that Virgin Mobile does not allow you to do this. Has anyone successfully done this and what do you have to do for this to work? I may just go with my original plan of using Groove IP to make calls only... but I thought I would check in and see what the hivemind has to say first.
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I believe that the reason you cannot use Google Voice voicemail is because Sprint specifically disables it on the prepaid MVNO plans. If you have Sprint-branded postpaid service (which is naturally much more expensive) I think you can do it.
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You can't. It is disabled. Damn them.
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