Looking for a good small business accountant in Manchester, England
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My wife's looking for a decent small business accountant in south Manchester. Any recommendations?

Hello hivemind, long-time lurker, first time questioner. My wife, a freelance translator, is looking for an accountant, preferably in south Manchester/Trafford. Her accounts aren't that complicated and she's considered doing them herself, but would like to explore professional options due to her being much busier than anticipated. She's currently operating as a sole trader, but has received advice that she might want to set up a limited company. Anybody have any recommendations?
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Does she go to networking events? Good way to meet these people is at a BNI meeting. I am also a sole trader and have found the advice to be dreadful when it comes to actually connecting interested parties. I have only just found an accountant and he is one of my former students. That is in the West Midlands. I would be happy to ask if there is a UK hotline and will do so.
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