NC personal injury lawyer?
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Can anyone recommend a good personal injury lawyer in North Carolina? I am trying to find someone who will not be working for the insurance company and it is proving to be a difficult task. Thanks!
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What? How do you figure that a PI lawyer would work for the insurance company? That makes no sense. It would be a conflict of interest.

Now a mefi referral will be great, but I'm curious about why you think that a random PI lawyer would also be working for the insurance company.

I've had 2 PI cases and the standard deal is that they work on contingency, so be aware of that.

A good PI case will settle with the insurance company, and they'll see to it that you don't get screwed.
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I agree that a PI lawyer working for the insurance company does not make sense, unless you have coverage that applies to the manner in which your injury was sustained.

The North Carolina bar has a lawyer referral service. You should use it.
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Matt Pyler in Fayetteville (according to my husband.)
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What part of the state?
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It would really help if you could tell us where you are! An attorney in the triangle would be different from one at the coast or the Piedmont.
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Thank you for your answers. I am in the Piedmont area.
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