Films about discovering the truth about Germany's past
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I just saw a new film called "The Dead and the Living" (Barbara Albert), about a twenty-something girl uncovering the truth about her family's history in Nazi Germany. It reminded me of Costa-Gavras' "The Music Box". Does anyone have any other recommendations for films on a similar theme, specifically about Germany, and specifically about the process of uncovering of the past rather than (as in say "Downfall" or "Das Boot") the past itself?
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The Nasty Girl?
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The Odessa File
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I'm only ten pages in, but I think The Lost: A Search of Six Million may fit the bill.
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Sarah's Key.
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Ahh, sorry. I see you were looking for films....still think you may find the book fits.
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The Reader
Marathon Man
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It takes place in Ukraine rather than Germany, but otherwise Everything is Illuminated is (partly) about this.
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Sophie's Choice.
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Not sure if these hit the mark, but FWIW:
Left Luggage?
The Debt?
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A book: how German is it by Walter Abish
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Man of Marble fits that same theme but takes place in Poland. Great film. Bonus: excellent soundtrack.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone - really useful.
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