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Help me find a consumable from 1987 in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

I'm turning 25 tomorrow and I finally came up with the most obvious way to celebrate: Consume something that is 25 years of age on the 25th day of September, my 25th birthday.

Anyone know of a bottle of wine, liquor, a cigar, anything that might be available in Vancouver?
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This Macallan Scotch is available from BC Liquor. It is, however, very spendy. Maybe you can find a bar that'll sell you a shot of it?

Shebeen has Glen Ord 25 year on there. If you're being extra careful you'll have to make sure they didn't buy the bottle more than a year ago, of course.
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A single at Shebeen is good advice. You can check out Legacy Liquor at the Olympic village they will have something, but anything that old will be at a premium. Happy Birthday.
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My special treat is a shot of Rémy Martin Louis XIII cognac, which I will nurse and enjoy for hours. Same can be done for a nice, old Scotch. Don't just toss it back, enjoy it. Sniff it, really get your nose in there and take a whiff 3 or 4 times before the glass even touches your lips. Sip a bit, roll it over your tongue. Notice how the flavors subtly change, notice the smooth mouthfeel as it rolls across your tongue. At about $100 a shot for the Rémy Martin (and comparable prices for other liquors of similar caliber), this is not something you just pound at the bar. Keep the ice out of it, don't let it get watered down, and it'll last you most of the evening. Heck, even just enjoying the aroma and taking the tiniest sip to roll over your tongue, you can enjoy a shot for a good couple hours.

If you're into it, treat yourself to a quality, properly stored (but not necessarily 25yo) cigar to go with your drink. The combination of a good cigar and a glass of brandy is one of the things that makes life worth living. :)
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