How can I record myself talking and listen to it later on my Android phone or Ipod Touch?
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How can I record myself talking and then transfer that file to my Android phone or Ipod Touch so I can listen to it later with my other music and podcasts? I'm looking for advice on software, transfer procedures and best practices to make this an easy process.

Background: I'm challenging myself to get in better shape, so for the last two weeks I've been walking about six miles a day-- mostly to and from school. At first I listened to music and podcasts, but recently realized I could put this time to even better use by recording audio notes while I study that I would then play back and listen to while I am walking. This would turn my commute into study and review time as well as exercise.

Equipment Available: I have a usable USB headset microphone-- nothing fancy, cost about $30, bought a few months ago. I have a Windows 7 Desktop computer, and an internet connection. I've heard that the free audio program Audacity is good but I've never used it. I have last year's MacBook Air, with MS Office and of course Garage Band, about which I know nothing.

Ideally I'd like to listen to these self-made recordings on my Android phone, but I also have an Ipod Touch if that would be easier. I'm looking for advice on the best way to make this idea come to life without too much extra work. To recap, I want to record myself talking, then have that file saved (as an MP3, I assume) and transferred to my phone or Ipod so I can listen to it while walking and exercising. Any steps of this process that can be automated would be even better.

1. What is the easiest way to record myself? Audacity? Garage Band? Something else?
2. Is there any easy way to transfer those files to the device? In a way, I'm kind of recording a podcast, but only just for me. No one else wants to hear my notes about chemistry and electronics.
3. Where should I put the files on an Android smartphone? (I have an 2-year-old Motorola Droid X if that matters.)
4. Would it be easier to treat these recording as "songs" and put them on an Ipod Touch instead? Any ideas how to do that?
5. Can any of this process be made easier or automated to some extent?

I'm hoping the Hive has some gurus who have done something similar. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated, or even alternate suggestions to accomplish the same goal-- listening to audio study notes while exercising. Thank you for your assistance!
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Your iPod touch likely has Voice Memos built into it and it will allow you to do everything you want without need of anything other than a quiet room to record in.
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In the same vein, why not just record directly onto your Android phone? I would be surprised if it didn't have a built-in app for this, but if not, there are many available on the Play store for free.
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Evernote should be capable of syncing files between all of your devices, and also of taking audio notes directly from the Droid X or your Windows computer.
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I have the Tape-a-Talk app on my Android phone, and the voice memo files I record automatically show up in the music player that came installed on the phone (which is actually a little annoying if I have the music player on shuffle and don't want those mixed in, but anyway...)
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Yeah, I have an Android app called Tapemachine that makes nice quality sound recordings directly onto the phone. I have made recordings like this for various purposes including making a Kickstarter video. But it should work perfectly for your purposes.
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You can use the voice recorder app from the play store. Just record right onto your phone!
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