90s japanese film about love in faceless corporate world
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Looking for a Japanese film I saw prior to 2003. It was a dystopian picture of some people trying to have an office romance in the corporate office landscape of Tokyo - lots of shots of bleak urban concrete and highways and faceless office parks full of conformist white collar employees - in the final scene of the film one of the characters is stranded walking along the edge of a highway. It dealt with a complicated love triangle. I know this isn't the title, but it was something like "Kiss me twice, now hold me I love you" or something a little crazy like that- I believe this film was made in the 90s or the early 2000s. It was in Japanese language with subtitles. There is a slight chance it may have been Korean, but I'm pretty sure it was Japanese. This film may have been discussed by Fredric Jameson in one of his essays as it was screened in a graduate school class on Japanese cultural critique.
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Response by poster: I should also add, I think there was a transsexual involved in the love triangle. Important detail!
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Best answer: I think you're probably thinking of Close Your Eyes and Hold Me (Me wo tojite daite).
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There's a Hong Kong movie from 2000 that was big in the US Indie circuit called "In the Mood for Love," written and directed by Wong Kar Wai. But, well, Hong Kong.
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Response by poster: It was Close Your Eyes and Hold Me, thanks!
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