Wax On, Wax Off
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Floor wax alternative to Bruce Liquid Paste Wax with Cleaner?

We clean, wax and buff the hardwood floors in our 99 year old house every season. We are preparing to do the fall waxing this weekend. Mr. Jane insists on using Bruce Light N Natural Liquid Wax with Cleaner, because that's what he's been using for 20 years and that's what his parents used on their floors. It works well, but OH THE FUMES! It also seems to be not readily available, due to it's high VOC's (hence the odor). Is there something else we can use that isn't as toxic?

Can we just use plain old paste/liquid wax instead? Do we need to strip the wax first? We have not ever stripped any wax from the floors and don't see any noticeable buildup.
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