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Looking for food/cooking blogs with very specific parameters

DH and I are getting a little bored of the same 15 or so recipes, and I’m looking to expand my cooking a bit. I am good at following recipes, but have the following parameters:

a) not a lot of time to cook (I’m marathon training, and DH doesn’t like to eat late)
b) we have a hotel kitchen in our apartment. It’s less than 3 feet by 3 feet, and contains an oven, stove, ice box, microwave and a Dutch oven.
c) DH won’t eat anything spicy.

If you know of a great food blog, please let me know.
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What do you mean by "Dutch oven" here? I've only ever heard it used to mean a kind of pan.
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Response by poster: Yes, I meant we own a Dutch oven.
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Try Simply Recipes for straightforward recipes that are clearly explained without a lot of fuss. Leite's Culinaria is a treasure trove of cookbook previews. If you have a particular ingredient you're unsure of how to tackle (and the best way to learn, in my opinion, is to experiment with unfamiliar ingredients), try looking it up on the Food Blog Search, that might also help you discover other food blogs you like. You might also check the network - the food media often assumes that people without a lot of time are moms, so lots of quick-and-easy style recipe writing can be found on blogs geared toward parents.
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I haven't found too many good cooking blogs, what I have found, though, is a wealth of home cooks making tutorial videos on youtube. Have at the following cooking youtubers:

yoyomax12 (Lots of baked goodies, but she intersperses it with real food)
nicko's kitchen (he can be a tad bit annoying, but he makes simple stuff)
One Pot Chef
Food Wishes (Unlike the others, this guy is less cook-at-home and more chefy)

The only real cooking blogs I follow are:

Cooking Comically
The most extensive slow cooking blog on the internet.
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I second Food Wishes, it's awesome!

Also, I really like Budget Bytes (eating healthy on a budget!).
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I've gotten some good recipes from Healthy For Two.
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Smitten Kitchen. She cooks out of a tiny NYC kitchen, and everything I've made of hers has been delicious. (Caveat: it's not all fast, but some of it is.)
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I love Use Real Butter. Like the previously mentioned Smitten Kitchen (another favorite of mine!), not everything on URB is fast, but you can definitely find recipes that are.

Also, browsing through the photography on those blogs makes my mouth water.
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I'm very fond of 101 Cookbooks. Her recipes vary in complexity but tend to be on the not-fussy side, and I can think of a couple just off the top of my head that would be perfectly doable in your kitchen.

A suggestion: her recipe for Caramelized Tofu with Brussels Sprouts and Pecans is amaaaaazing. Seriously, it's a gateway drug to Brussels sprouts. (I usually make it with smoked tofu and hazelnuts/filberts instead of pecans. So, so good.)
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I also came in to mention Smitten Kitchen. She has a section devoted to quick meals. Here's the direct link:
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Honestly, I LOVE cooking blogs, but they are a huge time suck. You've gotta really love spending time reading through them to find the recipes that are right for your diet, kitchen, experience, etc. If you're short on time already, I would recommend getting a couple of good standby cookbooks instead that you can rely on for quick meals. Jamie Oliver's are a good bet for fairly quick and simple, tasty meals - I especially like his Meals in Minutes and Food Revolution. (Rachel Ray also has quick recipes in both her cookbooks and magazines, but I find the end quality to be a lot more hit-or-miss, at least for my palate.)
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A Dutch oven means you can do no-knead bread (it takes a very, very little bit of kneading), and virtually anything a slow-cooker can do, you can do hot in a dutch oven inside your own oven, with the added benefit that you can use the same vessel to brown your meats, saute your vegetables and so on before assembling any kind of stew or soup.
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You might like Stone Soup - she focuses on healthy quick 5 ingredient recipes. The current entry is 31 healthy 15 minute meals. Also no assumption of fancy kitchen gear - she talks about the minimalist kitchen (part 1, part 2).
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