how to add new dictionaries on mac osx?
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Is there any way of adding new dictionaries to the system dictionary app for Mac OSX? I am learning russian and would love to be able to highlight a word and receive an english-to-russian or even just russian definition.

I am running the latest version of mountain lion.
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I don't think what you describe is possible.

Dictionaries map words (or mispellings of words) to definitions. What you want is to map an English word to an English Definition to a Russian Definition to a Russian Word, and that's a little beyond the scope of the system dictionary.

Perhaps you could find some translation software or use Google Translate?
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Assuming you are viewing any of the text in question in a web browser, there are add-ons such as gTranslate and Google Translator for Firefox that may fit the bill.

You also may wish to check out Learning With Texts (free) or LingQ (freemium).
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Yikes! I meant to type Russian to English!
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I get this effect by using the Google dictionary browser plugin for Chrome. This one. Just checked on a Russian radio website, works great. You highlight a word and if it's English, you'll get a dictionary definition, if it's foreign, you get a translation.
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You can do that with various Firefox browser add-ons; just search the add-ons page for "translate" and you'll see several.
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