Recommend a replacement for random Notepad windows
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Recommend a replacement for random Notepad windows

Throughout the day I take down random bits of information by launching a new Notepad window and typing away. They're convenient because I can resize them, move them around, etc. The problem is that if I lose power or my PC reboots for some reason, all those notes are gone.

I've tried "Sticky-Note" type applications in the past, but always end up going back to Notepad because of it's dead simplicity and speed. Essentially I need something super clean, lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly auto-saves. Recommendations?
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When you say "Sticky-Note" applications, have you tried windows 7 Sticky Notes? It does everything you want
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I found Webnote and I'm really happy with it.
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I have a Wiki running on a server and I just keep it open in a tab so I can cut and paste stuff as needed during the day.
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Response by poster: missmagenta, I've played around with it and I agree it meets all my needs, but I don't like the fact that I can't change the default note size, and the font drives me crazy.

davebush, COD: Very cool, but being confined to a browser window is a no-go. I use a lot of specialized software and need my notes floating around on top of those programs.

Good suggestions, thanks
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Best answer: I use Evernote. I can start a new note with a keystroke. It's automatically saved and available anywhere via my phone, iPad, or the web.
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Here is another idea - Zim Wiki - it's a desktop app that is basically a nice interface to a collection of text files. I used it for a while but syncing between my Windows box at work and Linux box at home was over-complicating life.
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I loves me some Evernote. Syncs with the web, my iPhone, etc.
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Sounds like TED Notepad could meet your needs - it's definitely simple, lightweight, and has auto-save (among many other useful features).
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Response by poster: I think we may have a winner. I've actually tried Evernote in the past but it's been too bulky and cumbersome. I'm liking the new version so far. I've un-pinned Notepad from my taskbar, we'll see how this goes!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions
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TomBoy? Open source, cross-platform, and syncs to various sorts of remote servers for backup.

More of a general-purpose lightweight text editor, gedit is basically just an enhanced notepad that includes auto-save amongst its features. Also open-source and cross-platform.

See also this Wikipedia page: comparison of notetaking software.
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I've actually tried Evernote in the past but it's been too bulky and cumbersome.

It's improved in this regard over the years. Make sure you set and know the global shortcut keystrokes for instant new note or instant find.
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I use Evernote for the most part, but use TiddlyWiki as a GTD system for some projects. Having the ability to link notes together and cross-reference them is nice.
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I was in the exact same boat as you and tried about half a dozen "post-it" type programs and looked at least a dozen others. Since the start of 2012 I've been using and enjoying Stickies.
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I used to use Evernote but I was taking a lot of notes in it and I found that the actual text editor sucked. If you get sick of it for whatever reason you could do what I do now which is use Notepad++, a grownup text editor with lots of handy features, and save to a dropbox folder. When I need to take a note I just alt+tab over to Notepad++, open a new tab, take a quick note, and save it. It's not *quite* as hassle-free as Evernote but I like it better. Plus your notes are just a bunch of normal text files instead of whatever the heck is going on inside Evernote, a surprisingly non-trivial benefit for me.
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