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I am looking for brick and mortar lingerie shop in the Bay Area that carries extended bra sizes.

I'm planning a trip to Berkeley, CA in November and I would love to buy some new bras while I'm there. My size is currently 34HH, which is not available in the usual places like Nordstrom and Macys. I don't fit into Wacoal bras, so I'm looking for places that carry brands like Fantasie, Freya, and Panache.

I usually cross my fingers and mail-order from Bravissimo in the UK, but I keep thinking the Bay Area must have a specialty bra shop like those in New York and London. I'll have a car so I can travel around.

Can anyone point me to a specialty lingerie store in the Bay Area that carries bras with regular band sizes and extremely large cups?
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I cannot, but you didn't list a site I frequently buy size 32FF from: figleaves.com. Maybe they have your size too. Good luck with finding a place in the Bay Area. They've surely got to have one.
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I've seen odd/large/extended sizes (Freya's beautiful offerings, in particular, among other brands) at Nordstrom Rack in San Francisco.
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Best answer: A La Folie in Oakland carries 30A to 44I.
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This doesn't help for the Bay Area, but if you're near an Intimacy store sometime, I've had very good luck (and they cover at least some of your brands). It's best to get a fitting appointment (no measurements, just a lot of help), which is a little annoying - but totally worth it.
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Best answer: Give Alla Prima on Hayes St. in SF a call--I get my 36G bras there.
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Seconding ldthomps in saying that Intimacy is fantastic, and based on your profile, you may be able to find an Intimacy store closer to home rather than waiting till November to go bra shopping. I can't speak highly enough of this store and the no-nonsense, extremely skilled women who work there. They will have your size and are used to working with women with unusual bra sizes.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone, so far! The reason I'm going to Berkeley is to visit my sister, and shopping together for hours is one of our traditions which is why I'm focused on that location.

I appreciate the Intimacy suggestion, but going to the closest one would have to wait until I have other reasons to drive to Scottsdale, which is seldom, because Phoenix ugh. I might be going to Chicago in December, though.
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I'll second Alla Prima. They've got a fantastic staff and generally carry extended sizes--though you may want to call ahead and make sure they have your specific size. They're in a great neighborhood for wandering and doing other shopping, too. Their bras are pretty pricey, but it sounds like you, like me and my 40Gs, are used to paying for bras that fit.

There's also a nice lingerie shop in Berkeley called Beauty & Attitude,and they're known for their great bra fittings. Their selection of extended sizes seems to be pretty limited, though, at least whenever I come in. Usually just a few Wacoals, which also don't work for me. Still might be worth calling them, especially since you're going to be right here in Berkeley.

And for something a little different, Foxy Lady Boutique at 22nd & Mission stocks delightfully trashy lingerie and clubwear geared toward drag queens and strippers, so they tend to have extended sizes. You won't find an everyday bra there, but you might find something fun.

shoesietart, I didn't know about A La Folie! Thank you!
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