Recommendations for sports writers / publications?
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I'm looking for recommendations for 'good' sports writing; authors and/or publications/websites. Online is preferable but print is fine. Bonus points for excellent Golf writing.

I'll check out the Recommend the best books about sports thread, but I am looking for the more ongoing/periodical type writing (blogs, columns...)
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I quite like the curation of good writing at Longform and sports are no exception:
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I've found Grantland to have some of the best sports-related writing on the Internets these days.
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Second Grantland.
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Best answer: The Classical has pretty good sportswriting in the Grantland vein.

Sports on Earth is just getting going, but is a joint venture between USA Today and MLB Advanced Media and they have some pretty good writers on staff. I've enjoyed their football coverage this season.

While he mostly does baseball, I'm a big fan of Joe Posnanski, and he's done a couple golf articles for Sports on Earth. His blog is here.
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I've been enjoying Ellen Etchingham's hockey writing.
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You know the Best American Sports Writing series, right? Love those.
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I love John Feinstien's commentary on NPR. He wrote a book about golf called, A Good Walk Spoiled.
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Best answer: John Feinstien is indeed a very good golf writer, and had written many books. Check him out. Geoff Shackelford's blog also mentions good authors from time to time, and generally offers a good overview of the state of the game.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the feedback all.

After a bit of reading Posnanski and Shackelford have really popped out at me.
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