PHP classes for a complete beginner
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My job has offered to pay for some distance learning PHP training to help me move past my beginner-level skills. For this to work best for me, there needs to be a component of homework and accountability (I've done plenty of computer-based training, and it never sticks unless I'm actively practicing the material.)

While I'm going to watch Harvard's Open CourseWare Building Dynamic Websites lesson as well as complete's PHP with MySQL Essential Training, I'm not certain that I can really build the set of skills I need without some homework involved. Neither the 4-year university I work for nor the local community college offer any PHP courses.
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What's your question?
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It's pretty clear to me that the OP is asking for recommendations for online PHP classes that are structured like a traditional classroom experience, homework, assignments, etc.
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Response by poster: (oops forgot that...)

Please help me find some classes of this sort.
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Best answer: I've not used O'reilly school of technology, but they do have some classes along these lines.
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Response by poster: Will give O'Reilly a try - thanks!
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