Looking for a midwife in Toronto
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Looking for a midwife in Toronto. Any recommendations?

We've reached out to the various midwives clinics in Toronto, many of which have placed us on their respective waiting lists. However, we're more looking for recommendations of individuals. And as a side question, what benefit (if any) is there to going with a clinic rather than an individual?

FYI, we have already seen this Toronto doula thread.

Thanks in advance.
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Midwive's Collective on Dupont was the practice we went with - I loved them. Favourite part was that they came to the house in the days following the birth to check in on you and the baby.

We had 2 primary midwives so we saw each one on alternating visits at the clinic. I think the reason behind this is that it sort of guarantees that at least one of your primary midwives will attend your birth (only one of mine did and we had a secondary backup). I liked the reassurance that at least one of them would be there - made me more relaxed. Not sure how an individual midwife would handle multiple births in one day. I'm sure they plan their clients around this, but babies don't always arrive when we expect them. If you're looking at an individual that might be something to ask them about.

I'd highly recommend this clinic.

p.s. Congrats!
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I have not birthed and I do not live in Toronto, however, I think Rean Cross of Lucina Birth Services is an excellent person who (if I lived in Toronto and was going to give birth) I would completely trust with such an important occasion.
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