iphones needed for medical outreach in Ecuador
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I volunteer with Cinterandes in Ecuador, a humanitarian effort that goes to remote areas and performs surgeries for people who can't access services otherwise. They use iphones for tele-medicine applications and are looking for donations of older version iphones. They could use 20 more. Is there a place where I can post a request for such donations that would reach a large number of iphone users? They have a 501.c.3 presence in Miami where phones can be sent.
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I know lots of people, myself included, sold their older iPhones to Gazelle. I wonder if dropping them a line might be appropriate, as they could donate all 20 with one fell swoop AND get lots of good karma publicity at the same time.
Good luck with you endeavor and be safe!
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The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence gives cell phones to battered women because you can dial 911 on any cell phone even if it does not have service turned on. They work with Cellular Recycler to do this. Here's the About page for Cellular Recycler. It might be worth contacting them.

As a side note, if you search for Cinterandes in Google, the search result says that their website might be compromised. You might want to drop a line to their webmaster so they can do these things.
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Maybe Asurion? They handle the replacement claims on the insurance carriers sell customers on their handsets.
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[Please do not link to your donation site here. It's okay to use AskMe for finding resources and not okay to solicit donations directly. Thanks.]
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