Can you recommend documentaries that explain world conflicts?
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I just finished watching The First World War and now I want more! Can you recommend your favourite documentaries on History, particularly conflicts/war? I prefer a geopolitical focus (as in maps of the territories, graphic representations of strategies, what countries unied, what empires were divided in to what, etc.)

I can finally say I have at least a clue about how or why the WWI came to happen. I would like to understand other conflicts/revolutions in the same way. I am looking for these subjects in particular, but other recommendations will be appreciated, too..

WWII and the years between WWI and WWII <-- (most wanted)
Yugoslavia and the war in the Balkans
Emancipation of European colonies
Communism in Europe

Any ideas?
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The classic for WWII is The World At War.
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Seconding "The World at War". Narration by Lawrence Olivier. Interviews (in the 70's) with surviving principals. And tons of archival footage. Top notch.
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Check out The Great War if you want more WWI.
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The Death of Yugoslavia from the BBC.
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The Cold War is very good. There are lots of interviews with people who were important during the time including Castro and Gorbachev.
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On my phone so can't link, but Band of Brothers. It's a ten-hour miniseries, yes, but it's amazing.
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