Help me identify this videogame
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Help me identify an old videogame. ~1990, combat between different spaceship types, with gravity, momentum and orbital physics.

I played this game on a VGA PC, probably around 1989 or 1990. It had 6 or 7 different spacecraft models to choose from, each with completely different shapes, weaponry, defense and movement. Two players could play against each other, or you could play against the computer. The combat took place in the gravity well of a sun or planet, so while you were maneuvering, you were also orbiting and having to avoid crashing into the planet. The name was something quite generic -- "Starcraft" is what pops into my head, but that's of course an entirely different, later game.
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Star Control, I bet.
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Probably Star Control I or II. If not, then some other descendant of Spacewar!

The Ur-Quan Masters is an open source port of the Star Control 2 code.
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Space Fury?
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3rding Star Control I or II. Here's a screenshot of the game's combat.
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Star Control I -- thanks all!
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