Did Rodney Dangerfield call his depression "the monster" ever
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I seem to recall reading Rodney Dangerfield calling his depression "the monster," but now I can't find any reference to that fact. Did I make it up? Was it some other name? Some other comedian? Or did I imagine the whole thing?
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I thought it was called "the Heaviness".

From No Respect:

“My life is nothing but pressure. All pressure. This pressure is like a heaviness. It’s always on top of me, this heaviness. It’s always there since I’m a kid. Other people wake up in the morning, ‘A new day! Ah, up and at ’em!’ I wake up, the heaviness is waiting for me nice. Sometimes I even talk to it. I say [adopts cheerful voice] ‘Hi, heaviness!’ and the heaviness looks back at me, [in an ominous growl] ‘Today you’re gonna get it good. You’ll be drinking early today.’”—Rodney Dangerfield, No Respect
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This could very well be it, thanks.
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Pretty sure this is where I found it: http://www.avclub.com/articles/profoundest-piece-of-comedy,68687/, I was just searching for "site:avclub.com dangerfield monster" or "site:avclub.com dangerfield darkness" but I kept getting Lost links. Thanks
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