OSX freeze on wake?
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After the OSX 10.8.2 update several days ago, my laptop freezes on wake from hibernate (at least, it only does it when it has been asleep for a while). I posted on the Apple support forums here, but no one has responded. There are excerpts from my system log there. Things I've tried: fixing permissions, SMC reset, turning off my gmail calendar updates (I saw a lot of errors in the log having to do with that) but no luck. Any ideas?
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This is a shot in the dark, but there are a couple of messages about mis-matched versions of kernel extensions (things like "Refusing new kext com.apple.kpi.mach, v12.2: already have loaded v12.0.")...have you tried reinstalling 10.8.2 using the full combo updater to ensure the update worked correctly?

(I'm not 100% sure you'll be able to run the combo updater if the system already thinks you have 10.8.2 installed but you could give it a try.)
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If this isn't being widely reported (I haven't looked) then I would suspect any third party (non-Apple) software which attempts to modify system behavior. First, get a full system profiler report (/Applications/Utilities/System Information.app or Apple Menu, About This Mac, More Info, System Report...) Look in the "Extensions" and "Preference Panes" for software that isn't from Apple. Go to that company's website and check to ensure you have the latest version.
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Try doing a safe boot and seeing if the behaviour changes, if so then you should selectively reenable extensions one at a time until it breaks again (hopefully it is not a combination of factors causing the issue).

I would be astonished if you couldn't install a combo updater on an updated system (it would allow you to recover from trashed system files).
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I have this exact same issue with a brand-new macbook pro with retina. I just assumed it had something to do with PowerNap...but I suppose I should have investigated more fully instead of just writing it off.
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Response by poster: The Combo updater exists with an error (but no details). I have uninstalled software, and in the Extensions I can't see anything that's not Apple that doesn't look important. I'll try the safe mode bootup.
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Response by poster: I've given up and I am reinstalling the OS. I've basically made it so nothing comes up at boot except what's necessary, but I still have the problem. Although, now I get a beach ball instead of a pointer!
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Best answer: I did not end up reinstalling the OS - see the link in the OP for the resolution!
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