What is this song?
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What is this song: slow, dreamy synth song with programmed drum beats that played, in the last year or so, over a commercial that I believe featured a beach and was perhaps on MTV?

I heard what I assume some more of the album in a restaurant recently, and the other songs featured very 80's, dreamy synths. Unfortunately when I asked who it was, the waiter gave me the wrong name.
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Washed Out?
(shot in the dark)
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Several tracks from the most recent M83 album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming have been licensed. This one may be the one you're thinking of; there's a version in an ad I've seen without the vocal.
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Aphex Twin?
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Hot damn! It turned out to be Washed Out's Feel It All Around, which some quick and dirty searching tells me is used in Portlandia. That must have been where I heard it. Thanks so much for the lead, PercussivePaul.
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Woohoo! Still got it
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