Hawaiian Cowpie song
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Can you help me remember a hawaiian song? The main vocal phrase sounds like cowpie.

The vocalist is female and I think she may be famous in Hawaii and the word that sounds like cowpie may mean youth or young people. In the chorus she sings the 'cowpie' phrase like this "cowpie cowpie something something cowpie". The melody is similar to the beginning of this song.
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Could "cowpie" be "keiki", which is Hawai'ian for "children?
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No, it's definitely not keiki. I've uploaded a clip of me humming the chorus here.

My sincere apologies if you choose to listen to it.
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Chance that your "cowpie" word is 'Anapau? It doesn't mean "youth," but was a nickname for Queen Lili`uokalani's ladyparts which I gather translates as "Frisky." Anyway, 'Anapau is the mele that came to mind.

Lyrics here.... it's traditional, so many people have recorded it. There are six clips at Amazon, though none by a female vocalist.
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Could it be "the cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai"?
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Ka'opae by Robi Kahakalau was what I was thinking of. Thanks for your efforts.
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