Help me find these awesome vintage Michel Perry boots!
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Brilliant shoe-finders of MeFi: can you help me track down a specific pair of shoes that probably aren't made anymore?

Long ago I had a friend who had a pair of fantastic boots: above-the-calf, suede, beige/tan colored, lace-up, either flat or a very minor heel (can't quite remember). I coveted them then and I covet them now. I've kept an eye out all these years, but have never run across anything similar enough.

Then today I saw these Michele Perry boots listed on ebay. Finally! After all this time! These are pretty much exactly what I remember my friend having. Alas, these are a size 7.5 and I wear a 9.5. Not gonna work. But getting so close has re-ignited my covetousness.

So: where might I have luck finding these--or similar boots--in my size? What's the best way to find specific vintage-y stuff like this? Any ideas on where to look or what better search terms would be? Thanks!
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If you're willing to accept something close to that design but not an exact match, have you tried shopping on sites like Zappos and Endless? I went on Zappos, searched for lace-up boots, filtered down to knee-high styles, and found the Frye Campus Lug (also in a lighter color), the Frye Dakota Wedge, and the Arcopedico L31D, which laces up the back instead of the front.
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Etsy carries a lot of vintage suede laceup boots.
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I absolutely second looking at the vintage on Etsy and Ebay, as you might strike it lucky. However it may take months of looking and some frustration, as smaller (and narrower) sizes tend to be listed far more often (I sympathize - I'm a 9-9.5W!).

If you have any thrift stores in your area, you might be surprised at the results. Before I became allergic to chrome-tanned leather, I found a pair of black suede slouch over-the-knee pixie boots for less than $20 (!), and have had other similar finds.

If your price range is $100 and over, definitely I'd second Zappos and Endless too.
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Which aspects are non-negotiable, for your ideal boots? It might help us figure out the best search terms. For instance, do they have to be suede, or is leather okay? Is the front lace-up crucial? Can it lace up the back instead? Is brown (or black) okay, or is the beige bit important? Pointy toe or rounded toe? Are you looking for more of a lace-up Victorian granny boot vibe, or a 70s moccasin vibe, or an 80s slouch boot vibe? Are you looking for something dressier or a more work-boot style? Will you only settle for something virtually identical to the picture you showed, or is something with a similar feel okay?

I just did a few quick searches on Ebay and Etsy. It's going to be difficult to find something exactly like your picture, unless you're willing to stake it out and check back regularly for months. If you're willing to deviate from it in some respects, you may find some things you like now. The closest thing I found to what you pictured was these, on Ebay, although they're leather (they still might fit, even though they're a 10; vintage sizing tends to run a bit small). Also on Ebay, these might work, although I imagine they look too much like work boots (although if you replaced the laces, they might be better for your purposes).

The stuff on Etsy looked like less of a good match. I'm assuming you want something more formal and less Moccasinny than these (marked a 10, but probably closer to a 9.5 (?) because of the vintage sizing)? These are similar, and marked as your size. These are adorable, but perhaps stray too far from what you say you want, although perhaps a similar brown pair might be acceptable (no front lace-up, though). These are similar to the previous two, in its 80s slouch feel.
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Thanks for the answers, all! Good suggestions. n answer to your questions: leather is okay, the front-lace up is negotiable, don't want black but brown would be okay, I prefer rounded toe, and I think I like the granny-boot vibe.

I imagine I'll end up going with something close-but-not-exact, just because finding an exact match seems impossible. Thanks for lots of good other suggestions, though. I'm seriously considering the first boots UniversityNomad links to.
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