Inexpensive limo service from Bronx to Manhattan
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Looking for in inexpensive (if such a thing exists) limo service to take two friends who are getting married tonight from the Bronx (in the Van Nest/Morris Park neighborhood) to Midtown Manhattan after their wedding (at 1:45am). The cheapest we've found so far is about $200, including taxes and tip. Is it possible to do any better?

We're looking for the smallest possible stretch limo (it's only two people), but if that can't work, then a nice black car will do. Thanks!
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It is going to be harder to do much better than that for a strech limo at that hour and location. A black car should be around $100. Sabra, Dial 7, etc., should all be able to quote you. DON'T TELL THEM IT IS FOR A WEDDING -- they always try to slap surcharges on you for that.
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Uber could be a good option, but you can't reserve in advance. But your departure time is kind of flexible, right?
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Google Break to the Boarder in Yonkers. $120 including tip max.
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Seconding Uber, if your passengers can be flexible.
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