Can I sync without updating?
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I have a really stupid iPhone iOS update question. So dumb I feel embarrassed about it. I really want to avoid updating to iOS 6, but I need to get some pictures from my phone onto my computer and sync my address book. But can I plug the phone in and sync without updating automatically?

I rarely hook my phone up to my computer, and can't remember what happened the last time there was an iOS update- i.e. whether it was automatic or if I was asked if I wanted to upgrade. If it's automatic, I just won't do it. I know this must sound quite dumb for those who have had I phones for a while, but this is only the second time there's been an update while I've had my phone. Advice greatly appreciated.
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Yes--iTunes will prompt you before it downloads and installs the update. You can sync your phone without updating.
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^ this is the correct answer (in case you were waiting for 2nd opinions)
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Yeah, you can sync your phone with updating. I sync my phone once a fortnight or so, and I'm still on iOS 4.
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Another way to get the pictures from your phone to your computer is to email them to yourself, FYI.
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Thanks guys! What a relief. Really appreciate it.
posted by foxy_hedgehog at 8:00 PM on September 21, 2012

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